Mi Biografía

Who be me?

I’ve been creative since a kid. Green Bay, Wisconsin, 1966.

Industrious as an American student, raised in an artistic family, parent, husband.

Schooled in the glorious Liberal Arts, with master’s level training in Artificial Intelligence (Franz LISP). Deep reader of Art History.

I’ve explored painting, sculpture, drawing, moldmaking, welding, Macromedia, Adobe, WordPress. I once was a Unix System Administrator. I built my back deck. And firepit.

I summited Rainier. I had Machu Pichu all to myself. I’ve swum with Loggerheads.

I love power tools, chisels, hammers, brushes, mixing bowls, paints, varnishes, digital applications, photography, media experimentation, lighting, classical guitar, street sales, print sales, fine arts commissions in the primitive and Latin American aesthetic.

I had an article in The Huffington Post, and Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

I showed at Seattle Center.

Frank Rich once gave me an accolade for a video-poem I did, titled VIOLENCE MOTIF.

I write frequently about art, creativity, and poetics. And to that: I am a student of art, all ways. I am an acolyte, a member of the ancient guild, a purveyor of forms, a teacher.

Humanist. Part of the maine. Artist.